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Saturday, September 14, 2013

An essay about Jesus Chameleon

Very Brief Answers on the Public Life of Two (2) Jesuses”

     There is nothing more humiliating than "public life" for most of us: How
dreadful (awe, or reverence)! In English class---one day, long ago---we were
reciting poems we had memorized, and one student even refused to go to the
front of the classroom, and, thusly, opted to fail the assignment out of "shyness"
in Mrs. Geesman's class! Even after the "million" times I have spoken before large crowds, since that poetry assignment in that sibylline teachers class, there is still a great hesitation, because of the fear of failing to be less than perfect (as our Lord was/is perfect), especially the fear of relaying interpretations that are less than Biblical and sound that scare this author the most about public discourse.

     I wondered for purposes of writing this essay when it was that one began "public life" as did our Lord (just as food for thought), and what, furthermore, was one doing at the age of 30? The American poet and Catholic author, Jesus Chameleon was 30 years young in the year 2003, but for the purposes of writing this article, the man behind the mask was 30 years old in 1992. For those too young to remember, this was about the time when "the wall" was falling and was about the time of the "fall of communism." It was during just about the beginning of the breakup of the then Soviet Union. I was a young man fresh out of grad school then---still very zealous from an exclusive education at an elite private school overseas.

     The second question I ask myself is how long did my "public
life" last---Our Lord's lasted three (3) years---and did I preach, teach, and do
good works like our Lord? From 1992-1995, a period of three (3) years, I
hit the road on foot helping others as much as possible by volunteering at
churches on one of the islands of a certain Pacific archipelago. I joined the Knights of Columbus and rose to a Third Degree Knight, and then suddenly became inactive. I was hired at a law office as a clerk for a temporary period of time, and almost seriously ran twice for public office (bowing out gracefully as I was politically
"indebted" to the other candidates running). Most of these years would, in
retrospect, be a period when my political machinery grew the most. Speaking
to countless people along the way, my material attachments decreased as my
spirituality increased in the interaction with my community---I do not
suppose anyone learned from these conversations, but I did grow, and I
received countless graces from the experience.
This was about the time of "The Gulf War" (War in Iraq)....

     Finally, the third question I must ask myself is: Like our Lord,
what was the aim (purpose) of this so-called "public life" of mine? For
the answer turns out funny---not that I want to stir the emotions---I will
preface the answer with what Doctrine teaches us to do: to "Seek ye first the Kingdom
of God." My charism became profoundly present during this period in my life! What I was attempting to accomplish the entire time was to "teach what God requires all to believe and practice."
By becoming a good role model to others, I was able to realize that being good is the result of sometimes very severe interaction between members of a parish community and that teaching others by good example is essential for Charity to flourish and for Salvation to be received. I attended daily mass and became engrossed in a passionate study of all things that complement Roman Catholicism. And with Mother Angelica and the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) as my most trusty pals, I started a charismatic adventure into who I mostly am today! “Jesus loves you!” is what a famous nun says to her audience every time she speaks to their faithful souls and this is how I chose to end these very brief answers on the public life of two Jesuses.  "Jesus loves you."

by Jesus Chameleon

Very Brief Answers on the Public Life of Two (2) Jesuses,” Copyright (c) Unpublished 2013, U.S.A.

(Read about the ''The Public Life of Jesus Christ'' in a Catholic catechism.)